Road Safety and Protection from Vehicle Crimes

Window Safety Film

What is smash and grab tinting?

Protective safety film is applied to vehicle windows to help prevent successfull smash-and-grab incidents.

The protective film is usually tinted so that no one can see into the car, while also preventing the windows from shattering. While the glass breaks, the film holds the pieces in place, which further protects you from broken glass.

Although smash-and-grab film may not prevent smash-and-grab incidents from taking place, it will give you a few extra minutes to recompose yourself and drive away safely.

If you don’t have smash and grab film installed, leave your window open slightly (approximately 3 cm, but less than 5cm) whilst driving. This makes the glass more flexible and more resistant to shattering if they’re struck by a sharp object.

Safety film is however not only a deterrent for criminals.

Other benefits include:

  • It protects passengers from being hit by dangerous glass splinters when the glass breaks in side-impact accidents.

Keep in mind that some car insurance companies provide a discounted premium to vehicle owners installing window smash and grab tinting on their vehicles.


The cautious driver will be able to prevent most smash-and-grab incidents.

If there is nothing to grab there is no reason for the window to be smashed!

Trust your instincts. If you see suspicious activity, find somewhere else to park. Apex Auto Shield™ would like to urge motorists to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities.

You can help prevent others from becoming a victim of a smash and grab or another crime!

  • Obey the rules of the road and carry your driver’s licence with you.
  • Plan the route to your holiday destination and allow enough time to reach the destination – taking into account many road works and delays along the route!
  • Check that your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition before